Welcome to Summer Blockbuster Season. Your and my favorite opportunity to spend money to avoid admitting we don’t have a lifestyle that involves fresh air. You know what’s up first, The Avengers. Its every bit as good as the first one, but not new like the first one. The bad in that is that it lacks that fresh out of the package punch, but makes up for it in depth of character. They don’t bother introducing all of the characters, so passive comic book movie watchers either need to refresh themselves or just go with it. The acting and directing are all on the good side, I never once thought, “hey, that’s Robert Downy Jr.,” or “Chris Evans is play Captain America.” They owned the roles. The plot and story are typical comic book movie fare, nothing ground breaking, but appropriate for the movie. The action scenes are dang near perfect. They’ve totally figured out how to maximize the awesome. Go see it. Its date night worthy, and family friendly-ish (little blood, nothing gruesome, they cuss like 4 times). I went to see Furious 7 right after, I’ll post its review tomorrow. (Lets just say The Avengers was the second most unbelievable movie I saw last night.)