Ant-Man is the least Avenger-y of the Marvel movies so far, meaning they spent the least making it. And in comparison to Avengers 2 and Jurassic World, it shows. Ant-Man is not the spectacle that those movies are. However, the only way that you are not going to like it is if you go in expecting that spectacle. Ant-Man is funny, charming, and exciting in the right spots. It is kinda a slow burn, getting better as it rolls along. The casting was spot on, and the acting was as good as it needed to be. The story was a bit too tidy, and the movie could have used another 15 minutes, but neither of those is a death sentence. Spy is funnier, Mad Max has better action, Avengers 2 is more entertaining, and Jurassic World is a better movie, but Ant-Man comes in second or third place in all of those categories. Maybe not the home run we’re used to seeing from Marvel, but a fun movie that I will enjoy watching again.